Responsive Web Design (RWD) – not the future, already a “must have.”

Now more than ever, digital content is meant to be viewed on a spectrum of different experiences. As of May 2013, 63% of adult cell owners go only mostly using their phone and not some other device such as a desktop or laptop, it’s essential that your website is accessible from multiple devices. As your customers behavior is changing, you need to evolve with them.

Responsive design now allows you to give your mobile visitors a website that they can easily navigate, which will help drive mobile conversions. It’s not longer a “nice to have” solution anymore; it’s how your customers are reaching you every single day. So it’s time to  gain over your competition – time to get Responsive Web Design.

If you already have a Website and want to be ahead your competitors  – switch now to a responsive website and get 25% off the regular price!

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Why we are different

[WORX] is an award-winning independent digital agency with offices in New York and Vienna/Austria. Founded 1997 in Austria, we’ve been recognised and awarded globally for our creative excellence and innovation. Since 2010, we provide same dissimilarity to clients in the New York Area. We believe: Your success is also our success.

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How we make you different

Trough any combination of strategy, branding, creative design, technology, integrated marketing and partnering with our clients [WORX] will build you an online presence that is intuitive and easy to use, helping your customers to find what they seek quickly. It will reflect your brand values as it reflects your image – all with an emotional touch.

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How we work for you differently

[WORX] assists clients in developing and implementing effective interactive strategies. Our aim is to combine both worlds – traditional communication with interactive opportunities to create business value through emotional currency. Technical feasibility and reliability of the developed solutions can, of course, simply be taken for granted.

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